photography series plays upon the archetype of the kristalia LP chair

founded by a group of young jazz fans from friuli in north-east italy in 1994, furniture manufacturer kristalia connects the very best of local designs – and their creatives – to the nation and beyond. they establish long lasting relationships with artisans, unearth new talents, and showcase designs that are loud in uniqueness. from chairs and tables to accessories and furnishings, their products tilt towards minimalism on the aesthetic scale in order to clearly and solely showcase their essential qualities. the results bring beauty, energy and amusement to the local community as well as to their international customers. in their playful manner, a curation of photographers and video makers capture new perspectives of their latest chair, the kristalia LP.

heiko prigge
(main image by tommaso vaccarezza)



the purity of the kristalia LP chair is exemplified by its name which is a tribute to its creator, the designer duo lucidipevere. its design, however, also distinguishes its virtue. the slim, sculpted structure is made from fiber glass-reinforced injection-molded polypropylene. this gives it a soft, tactile surface as well as an elegant, warm but striking appearance. the stackable LP chair is suitable for any context, from homes and commercial interiors to the outdoors, and is available in a range of colors: white, black, beige, coral red and basalt grey.

filippo bortolon



for the kristalia LP, the italian brand asked a selection of local and international photographers and video makers to capture the purity of the chair in their own creative perspective. the result consists of a unique, diverse portfolio of single images, photography series and videos. the creators were tasked with no restrictions, just the encouragement to find different angles and visions. the nine pieces of artwork each offer unexpected interpretations of the design, from juxtapositional landscape shots to computerized glitches and nostalgic storyboards to oscar-worthy scenes. each one creates a new memory of the LP and jazzes up the archetype of a chair.

mattia balsamini


gianluca vassallo


alberto moreu


tommaso revelant


henrik blomqvist



project info:


brand: kristalia

product: LP chai

designers: lucidipevere

creatives: mattia balsamini, henrik blomqvist, filippo bortolon, matteo girola, alberto moreu, heiko prigge, tommaso revelant, tommaso vaccarezza and gianluca vassallo

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