vollebak’s ‘indestructible’ puffer jacket is designed to outlive its owner

vollebak has updated its list of innovative outdoor clothing — including the blue morpho jacket and the black squid jacket — with a heavy-weight ‘indestructible puffer jacket’. made out of dyneema, the world’s strongest fiber, the the puffer jacket is considered to be fifteen times stronger than steel. dyneema is most commonly used for heavy duty jobs, such as tethering satellites from space or mooring giant container ships. unlike other puffer jackets on the market, the ‘indestructible’ coat can also serve as a protective armor, as it endures extreme damage tests, such as knife slashing and tearing.

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in the coldest place on earth, this is the strongest jacket. vollebak takes advantage of the material’s temperature sensitivity — the colder it gets, the stronger the jacket becomes. especially during extreme winter conditions, the jacket has proven to gain 5-10% strength when the temperature drops past -50C.

‘most puffer jackets are built to be as light as possible, so the outsides are typically made from super lightweight polyester and nylon,’ explains vollebak co-founder, steve tidal. ‘the trade-off for this weight saving is that they are incredibly easy to tear and snag. and once you have a rip, or the seams have started to go, or the tiny spines of down have poked their way through the lightweight outer layer, it’s simply an escape hatch for the feathers inside, and the jackets destroy themselves from the inside out.’ 



the indestructible puffer jacket is designed to outlive the owner and be in good enough condition to pass down generations. besides the ultra-durable fabric that integrates dyneema, the jacket also features military-grade belt tape, zippers, elasticated drawcord adjusters and other details that will last for years.



project info: 


product: indestructible puffer jacket

material: dyneema

company: vollebak

price: £795 / €895 / $995

available color edition: black

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