Museum Frieder Burda / Baden Baden / Richard Meier & Partners

During my visit to Germany, I had to stop somewhere near to France. I searched for some museums to visit, and I found a beautiful piece of architecture hidden in the middle of the black-forest of western Germany.

Located in a small touristic spa town in the southwest of Germany, Baden Baden. Just one hour far from France, a Richard Meier’s designed museum called “Museum Frieder Burda”

A three-story building, uses its beautiful location to reflect a new and modern architectural touch in this mountain’s town.

The museum building is linked by wooden floor ramps which takes the visitor in every corner inside the building.

The amount of natural light enters the museum is enough to illuminate every angle.

The white, wood, skylights along with the different art works around the museum gives the visitor a lot of comfort in moving smoothly and nicely all over the museum without any trouble.

See below for some pictures:

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